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Eden Prairie, MN 55346


Upon completion of the construction drawings you will have a set of plans that contain the following:

·      Required building elevations (up to 4)

·      Roof plan

·      Foundation or footing plan

·      Main floor plan

·      Second floor plan (if required)

·      Required cross sections (typ. 2)

In some areas you are required to have;

​       Wind brace panel design &

       Tall wall framing drawing

These shall be priced on a per project basis.


Other services that are offered on a request only basis:

·   Extra construction details that are requested by the builder.

·   3-D modeling

·   Cabinet elevations
·    Electrical plan

·    Finish material selection assistance

·   Construction management for the DIYer.


​Charges for these services are offered on a per project basis.

Feel free to email a request for the full pricing sheet for both new home and remodeling design.


Please understand that while Hart's Design will provide PDF files of your project, we do not share the CAD files. 

Just a few words about myself,

         As HART'S DESIGN, I have been providing residential design services in the greater Minnesota area and throughout the United States for over 30 years.  With the academics , experience in architecture and previous experience as a general contractor, my success has been based on two ingredients:

First is the love for home designing. It is a great honor and pleasure to work with my clients and see their home design develop into a space that they love. I understand and accept the responsibility to listen and then create.  The second ingredient is the philosophy that the homeowners desires, needs and lifestyle combined with my creative skills and construction expertise will guide the design process.

There are few absolutes in design, so I recognize that my responsibility is to create and reflect your style and needs in the home.​

My architectural design education and experience combined with a general contracting experience
,  has taught me how personal the experience is for the homeowner and the significance of my role  in creating the space you will love.

Your home is more than a structure to live in,   it is a space that you experoence.

I frequently meet clients that have an interest in taking on their own project and saving some of their investment.


Jim Rumler  612-327-4686

Over the years  I have had the privilege of working with Jim Rumler and Owner Built clients.  I must admit I was a bit skeptical about his program.  I could not quite understand it's value to a homeowner but, I have watched a consistent series of successful projects, and one bad one.  That's okay though, it has kept him a bit humble.

Feel free to research and decide if it would be a nice fit for your project.